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questions. asked. frequently. maybe.

what the hell is this?

it's blueblog, the uninteresting and sporadically udpated web log of adam mathes.

what the hell is a web log?

geeks who spend their lives reading shitty web pages but never actually creating content of their own pretend that a frequently updated web page listing the stupid sites they waste their time at along with witty commentary about said sites counts as content. (obviously, they're wrong) but that's a web log. if you still don't get it, read my ass is a web log


please be more specific. and use hell in the question. it's funnier that way.

sorry. what the hell is the point of this?

in three months when i'm desperately trying to remember where i read that great article on cat-girls, i'll be able to immediately go to and read it.

what the hell? can't you just use bookmarks like normal people?

yeah, but that would be substantially easier. where's the challenge? and i'd lose the witty comments surrounding the links.

who the hell cares about your lame, not witty comments?

well, there is a slim chance that someone might actually like the content. but realisically it's pretty much just me.

and who the hell are you?

does it really matter? well ok... if you really want to know

so this page of hell is just a pointless act of self-indulgence?

you had to strain a little too much to fit hell in that question. i think it seemed too forced. but yes, this is just another one of my pointless self-indulgences. if you don't like it go away.

sounds like a great idea. i think i'll go look at some naked pictures of lara croft. that's all anybody really does on the internet anyway.