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Politics and Journalism are Stupid

For my own personal sanity I have been avoiding coverage of the Republican National Convention this week. This includes not watching The News Hour, although I have watched bits of the historical perspective segments.

Except – of course – the Daily Show.

Which I have found very lacking this week. It seems that a Republican National Convention would be ripe for comedy, yet it just doesn’t seem to work. I think the combination of the general disgust the writers have for Republicans with the fact that it is in their backyard and likely inconveniencing them personally has made it too hard to be funny without just coming off as angrily partisan or something. Not that I’m a writer, or funny, so I probably shouldn’t be theorizing.

The frustration is sort of what I sensed as I watched Jon Stewart on Nightline (after TiVo-ing through the rest on Cheney and the convention, of course) and he expressed his frustration with the media’s coverage of the Swift Boat “controversy.” “Those guys? They’re lying,” he tell Koppel. But while he can joke about it and dance up to the line of calling them liars, but he doesn’t have the credibility (in his view) to do it outright.

But the short film on Bush was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. (I will endeavor to find a link to a transcript or clip at some point.)

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