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Designing Reader Aware Publications

In addition to becoming device aware through responsive design techniques, our sites should also strive to become reader aware.

Ben Brown, Reader Aware Design

Ben discusses some of the thinking behind XOXCO’s recent work with a number of publishers (some of which are now launched) in a great piece.

My big takeaways from recent work and thinking in this area are:

Web publications should respond as delightfully and as instantly as native applications when reading and browsing content.

Native apps are great, but web publications should not require native applications for things like instant page loading. We can use techniques to cache content and instantly snap parts in, all while having URLs properly update to maintain the best part of the web.

Web publications should be subtly personalized without requiring accounts.

The vast majority of viewers on most web publications will never create an account. This should not stop us from creating compelling, personalized experiences for them.

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