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Post PC Adoptions

This is the first daily entry written with the Brydge iPad keyboard.

After briefly using it, the Surface somehow makes a lot more sense to me. Tiny touch screen plus keyboard is somehow qualitatively different than I had anticipated.

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The flurry of new devices released in the wake of the iPad makes it feel as if we are reaching an inflection point in the “post-pc” world this winter. It’s not just an iPad as a shiny new beacon of the future. Tablets and touch computing and sleek, simpler non-PC devices are not a fad and they are not the future anymore. They are the now. The Nexus 7 and 10, the Kindle Fire, the iPad Mini, and the Microsoft Surface all seem to have something new to learn from and present us with new opportunities – especially in digital publishing, where my efforts are focused now.

I don’t think I’ll love any of the new devices as much as I can ever love the original iPad or iPad with Retina display, but I want to play with them all and develop beautiful things for them.

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