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Friday, March 31, 2000

i hate april 1st

It's not even here yet and I hate it.

Anyway, metafilter looks great! zooom!

And really Mark was right, the design looked better in blue, kottke was a fool to change it.
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Keithey -

"arrogance unbridled
from the "who the hell do you think you are?" department: there's a new guy in town. he's got a list, and he's checking it twice. and although i fully appreciate the unmitigated gall and ego-manical-ness (i know it's not a word, but it's all about flow, g) of it, this endeavor seems to me just unnecessarily self-absorbed. personal is personal. period."
Yeah, g, it's all about the flow and those phat beats!

I envy Andy. Ahhh, I remember way back when people said mean things about webloglog all the time. Oh, those were the days. Now all I have is kevvy calling webloglog a "rinky-dink gimmick" that only "works" because of the "burgeoning blognation." snicker It's just not the same.
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it's all about the Cam

Dori -

"Hey, if Cam's going to be in town early April, why don't we have a Bay Area weblogger get-together? Anyone interested?"
Yeah! Kick ass! I can finally meet the Cam! My life will have new meaning!

The cam comments -

"Dori wants to have a Bay Area weblogger get-together early next month. I'm game, but I can't organize it. I'm far too busy.

You'll never guess what room (hint: it's a very small room with a sink) of my apartment I'm updating this page from right now. Let's just say that Apple's wireless ethernet rocks!"

And then the idea of meeting the Cam immediately became a lot less intriguing.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

more meta meta

With the death of Blog Frog, I was getting pretty worried about my uncle joe. Dedicated blog logging isn't what it used to be... Joe has been forced to highlight blog logging on "real" weblogs. I don't think I can handle the monument of responsibility that being the only regularly updating bloglogger entails.

So it's a good thing Orbiting has started Planet Weblog. Now if I get sick and miss a day of blogging Joe will be ok. Well, I mean, he'll be ok for a crazy uncle.
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dinner's going to be mighty tasty tonight

That's right, Fried Blog Legs! My favorite!

Somebody cook Blog Frog so we can all have some tasty blog legs. It's wrong to let blog frog meekly hop around now that it's over. But if we slice it up and cook it quickly.... mmm mmm good.

Oh, and I think this post may have to do with my inability to communicate with my mother.
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it's just so beautiful...

It's all good now. For real, not for fakies. Come on, group hug, people. *hugs for everyone!*
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i just wet myself

Kevvy criticizes Bloat -

"After reading the latest Bloat, I was irritated enough to fire off the following e-mail:

Hello there, Sally,
While your column has always seemed to me like a Pravda for the blogger cabal, your most recent top ten confirms it."

Huh? I guess I must've been asleep that day so I didn't get mr. smarty-"I know Russian History"-pants attempt to sound "intelligent." So, by mocking popular webloggers bloat is like The Pravda for the blogger cabal? The blogger cabal? Did I miss a memo? You'd think someone would have told me about that one.
"It's obvious you only visit about thirteen sites to determine your top ten."
Which would mean that of the thirteen sites she visits, only two didn't make bloat since 11 weblogs were listed. Uh huh. Right. You're really helping your point with that argument.
"Mind you, I'm not writing this because you didn't pick my loathsomely designed site. It has much more to do with the fact that, while all the most interesting activity on the blog front (aside from the ever-unique Neale and the always consistent Brig) is coming from either the youngbloods - jish, phish, firda, ooine, dumbmonkey, and/or zannah, to name only a few - or the forgotten elders: lake, kingston, medley, kempa, and, naturally, tom/barbelith; nevertheless, you continue to hype the either the blogger cabal and their yesmen (ev, meg, and mark) or the rest of the decomposing old guard (Cam and Winer? CAM and WINER? Are you kidding me?)"
At this point I was laughing at loud. Awww, I'm sorry, Sally didn't put the "youngbloods" on bloat for you. Geez, I'm sure everyone is real disappointed Zannah and Tom didn't make bloat this week because Davey Winer made an ass of himself this week.

Everybody... awwww. And since when was bloat supposed to be about your idea of "interesting activity?" I don't remember seeing anything about "interesting activity" on the bloat rankings. As far as I can tell the only criteria for making Bloat is "will allow Sally to make some rude comment about your blog." Or more generally, whatever the fuck Sally wants.

"Look, if you don't have time to surf all the blogs, then by all means give the column back to the Dutchman. The last thing the burgeoning blognation needs is another shrill and smarmy cheerleader for the status quo."
At this point I pissed my pants I was laughing so hard. I think it was "burgeoning blognation" that finally did it for me. And the thought of Sally as a "smarmy cheerleader for the status quo..." by then I had definitely wet myself. Yeah, because the "youngbloods" are really pushing the boundaries and refusing to accept the status quo... right... and Sally is just a tool of the "decomposing old guard" white men...

"Who knows? Perhaps I'm out of bounds by leveling such criticism at Ms. Tenpenny. I'm just sick to death of reading the same handful of names on Bloat each week, especially when so many fresh new voices are emerging on the Blog scene."
I know. Kev, buddy, if Bloat's rankings "irritate" you so much, then don't read them. Or go open another geocities account and do your own ranking highlighting "interesting activity" so you can kiss the asses yourself you so desperately feel need kissing. (Oh wait, looks like you already found a way to do that.) But don't tell Sally how to do her rankings. Because I think I can pretty much guarantee you she doesn't give a shit about how you think bloat should be run.

Oh yeah... and Bloat sucked ass when Sally didn't do it.

Update 6pm - Sally responds much more nicely than I did.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2000

ye olde bait and switch

Blog Frog -

"Blog Frog has officially become passe.
It has gone the way that all blog-logging blogs are destined to do."
Ha! I scoff at your predictions!
"I have a theory.

Blog-logging is a way to compensate for the inability to adequately express one's inner emotions.

This inability manifests itself as snarky comments about other people's blogs.

I could be wrong.

You've been here before. It's gone.

Now go here."

Inability to express one's inner emotions? Have you been talking to my ex-girlfriend or something? Because I don't understand what the hell either of you are talking about.
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please ignore our dust

You know the Powazek-ass-kissing has gotten out of hand when his page consists of the following -

and people acutally post about their anticipation of the new design - Ed -
"12:10:53 AM I'm looking forward to seeing Derek's new design. (Right now, it's just a white page with the text "brb". The new design may be up by the time you read this.)"

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i like pike

Even more fun from Davey -

"BTW, as long as you're here, Evan, how about wiring up Blogger so that people can use desktop text editors and outliners to edit their Blogger sites?

You know, like Pike."

Yeah. You can just hear all the blogger users screaming "Dammit Ev and pyra - we want to be able to edit our weblogs with a warmed over version of frontier and its mutant hybrid mac/windows interface! (from johnny's archives) Screw the ease and convenience of quickly updating from a browser, we need the descendents of 1980's outliners for our two sentence posts!"
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i got your 3000 right here beotch

Neale lays down the smack on the ultra-long-personal-life-stuff in weblogs trend -

"You wanna write a journal, go ahead. You wanna create content, fine by me. But if you and yer redneck communist pals come round here and start messing with the blogs, there's gonna be hell and high water."
All I can say is, I've got Neale's back. I'm ever vigilant in the fight against the dirty commie bastards. Keep those dirty red journaling bastards away from us freedom loving, capitolist bloggers.

"If I were to read 3000+ words from the 20+ weblogs I read each day I'd be wading through a fucking novel every morning. I'd have to print them out and take them to bed with me. I could then feed the fireplace with their stilted prose and repetitive bullshit. No-thank-you.

They're different styles for different audiences about different things. If you're to employ the same styles to both, you'd have something like this:

Blog Style Journal "Freudian slip last night. Meant to ask wife to pass the salt. Instead said 'Fuck off bitch, you're ruining my life.'"

Journal Style Blog Hackers got hold of Bill Gate's Credit card. I remember once when I had my wallet stolen. I was on my honeymoon, and had just been wandering through a cinema when it happened. I was carrying my coat through a crowd and didn't notice anything, even though some dumb fuck's nimble fingers ran their way between the folds of my clothes, and made off with my wallet. I didn't realise until my wife and I decided to go to a restaurant for dinner, and yadda yadda yadda...

I'm not sure which one is worse."

Actually, that blog-style journal looks like it would be a damned good read.

Err... I mean... down with 3000! Stop the red menace! You hear that Ben?
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Monday, March 27, 2000

they love me. they really love me

Well, maybe not me personally. In fact they don't like me. Not like is too strong. They probably don't know or care I exist.

But I digress. They love you guys.

Yup, permanent linking on blogger. Oh happy, happy day!

Umm, so my, uhh, I guess the protest is over and I'll start posting again. All the things from the last two weeks weren't posts. No. No they weren't.
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I'm too suave for my blog

ev -

"Surprisingly, I got a 65 out of 100 on the suave-o-meter: "It appears that you are quite the charmer, and when your sensitive side kicks in, you can be irresistible. You have been taught very well." Hee hee."

Tom -

I'm a 69 in the Suave-o-meter. I think that means I beat Evhead. I think my mother would approve...

Way to make mommy proud.

The Daily Doozer -

"Okay, so I buckled under the pressure and took the Suave-o-meter test. 71, in case anyone was interested..."
Yeah. Thanks for buckling under the "pressure" to take the suave test. We were all dying to know your score.

Jordan -

"Yeah, I beat Mark by two points on the Suave-o-Meter. I got a 79, without lying. Of course, I've only had one first date in my life (followed by 10+ months (so far) of wondeful, blissful love), but.. well, who says you have to stop being suave after so many months? I never plan to stop."
Yeah Mark did it too but his archive is screwed up and there's no way you could expect the riothero to have 2 day old posts on the front page.

More tom -

"Can I ask you all something in complete seriousness? Do you REALLY think that Mark is more suave than I am? I mean, really?"
Are you insinuating that a three minute online multiple choice test isn't the best way to measure suaveness?

les of p.p. blog chocolatey shatner

"Ha ha, I beat all of you guys! I got an 87 on the suave-o-meter! And I promise I didn't cheat either."
Yeah. Mr Suavey. after that I'd probably change my blog's name too.

EARTH TO MALE WEBLOG GEEKS - any credibility you had in claiming "suaveness" was immediately shot the second you posted your score on the "suave-o-meter" to your weblog.
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somebody kill me

Oh lordy. via bloggadelic boy evey

With a lead like this - "It's one of the hottest trends in Internet content."

And subheads like this - "From independent to corporate"
"Get loose! Do a Weblog!"
"Get focused"
"How to do a Weblog"

You know it's really all over after coverage like that. Weblogs are so 1999. Weblogs are now trendy and about to become tools of "the man." Nothing to see here, move along, move along.
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in-depth, breaking news

is something you will never find here on webloglog.

ev -

"Say what you will about Dave Winer, you can't say he's not humorous. (This *is* a joke...right?)" 11:30 AM.

Finally, I thought, the first shot has been fired in the the ultimate battle between Dave and Ev for blog-tool-bad-ass dominance!

But no -

"I took this piece offline to rewrite it, unfortunately some people are pointing to it, so I shit-canned it. Sorry, there was a real point here, I'll get back to it later, busy busy busy. Sorry for any inconvenience. Have a great day Evan."
Note the "Last updated at 12:49pm."

Took it down for a rewrite? Have a great day? Giving Dave the benefit of the doubt, that was at least sarcastic. I'm still disappointed. Where's the bad mo-fo Davey comeback, dammit? Give em the old one-two Davey!

And I don't even get to read the original. It looks like I'm getting too old to cover weblog warfare. I'm just not fast enough to keep up.


More fun from Dave.

"Basic synopsis. There are some jerks floating around thinking that their shit doesn't stink. Nothing new. Back to work."
Yeah! Those jerks! Thinking their shit doesn't stink and stuff. You tell em Dave! Give them the smackdown! I can't wait to read it!

And no more "have a great day Evan." Awww. So I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, including Dave and Evan, a great day. Don't we all feel a little better now?
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Saturday, March 25, 2000

weblogs tonight

pillowbook - "An Anonymous Group Weblog" for you pansies who are afraid to say it on your own 'blog.

Within the first post we have the phrases "pubic hair" and "I am jason kottke". I think we're looking at a winner here folks.

Speaking of the the big k -

"All this meta meta meta stuff needs to stop. It reminds me of crap like Soap Opera Digest and Entertainment Tonight....both of which are very icky. You know who you are and what I'm talking about."
so jason kottke thinks this is icky and has to stop. ok. never mind. he's right. i do feel icky. this is icky. i don't want to be john tesh. i'm done. see ya guys. bye!
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Friday, March 24, 2000

blogfrogs, frogblogs, whatever. can somebody tell me where I can get some decent fried bloglegs around here?

BlogFrog != FrogBlog

Confused? Read the fine print on FrogBlog

"No, this is not a "Hopping from Blog to Blog" FrogBlog. This is a Blog which belongs to a froglady named Frogfrau. (frau means woman in german.) Any questions as to what came first the Frog or the BlogFrog? Well this should clear it up. This Blog doesn't hop anywhere, so don't sit there holding your breath waiting (That was my ever-so-poetic way of saying: This Blog has no relation to BlogFrog, it's just a crappy happy coincidence.)"
Just a coincidence? That's not going to cut it. There's only way to settle blog name disputes, and I want to make sure it's done right. That's right, webloglog volunteers our vast resources to organize and sponsor Misty vs Kimberly in the blogittyfrogittyblogitty cagematch! There can be only one.
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Heather -

"I seem to have Blogger diarrhea. I'm assuming that this is a normal condition for a new blogger and that I'll post prudently tomorrow."
It doesn't get any better. They all have a permanent case of the runs. It's very, very poopey.
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ugly. damned ugly

Considered Harmful -

"Since I started seriously following weblogs a couple of months ago, I've found the Weblog Monitor to be a useful resource. (Contrary to what its creator seems to believe, that does not imply universal admiration for him or all his other projects.) I can find the most recently updated blogs, egosurf, notice new logs, search for specific subjects, etc. Unfortunately, some of the new "features" that have been added in the last few weeks seem to be more trouble than they're worth. The "Favorites" list could be useful, but for some reason, I am uncomfortable exposing that list for all the world to see."
Which is all the more reason to start a weblog solely about his favorite new weblogs -
"I'm considering starting a new weblog (possible title: "Under the Radar") dedicated to linking at least one new weblog every day. I'd like to add a little bit of commentary to each link, as opposed to the links-only styles of the monitor or portal. Can anyone tell me if such a weblog already exists? The "Meta-Blog" trend seems to be turning into an even uglier version of the "popular weblogs" trend, and I'd like to help give previously unnoticed newbies a little encouragement, without trying to create another bloody web.clique."
Unknown weblogs are just like indie-rock bands, sure, they talk about "independence" and "artistic freedom" but really they're just desperate to get noticed by one of the big labels so they can sell out and get hits.

I may be ugly, but I am not trendy. I mean, I wear flannel and black flag t-shirts.
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formerly pink

Vanessa -

"once i move out, I think I might get a webcam, stick it in the corner of my room, that i could turn on once and a while so that you could watch me do interesting university things, like study and sleep and attempt to use a coffee maker.

No, you can't watch me do that."

Umm, I, uhh, don't even know what that means...

the next day -

"From Mike: "you and your double posts.. I recall a time at bianca's when we would say double post! take an item of clothing off!..*l* Ahh the good ol days... ;-)"

for you, sweetheart, I removed my socks. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now sockless ;-)

It's a good thing she doesn't have that webcam yet; I don't think the world is ready for that kind of excitement and action.
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let's play the animal game!

meg -

"If you're a boa constrictor type of reader, you like to go to a page, ingest a really big juicy post, and then let it be absorbed over the next week, until you return and feed on another. Boa constrictors like Ben. And maybe Ben is a boa constrictor? But I'm more of a hummingbird. I whiz around from site to site, constantly trying to suck up little droplets of nectar, and I return several times a day to nourish myself at the same sites."
So, to, recap -
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Thursday, March 23, 2000

i am not encouraging them...

badjuju -

"Ok, ENOUGH with the blog the blogger of the blog crap!

Jesus FUCK, knock it off!"

...but I am laughing a little.
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there goes my hero

Ben Brown verbally bitchslaps webloggers -

"NO! Sorry, buddy -- you're just a dork who can't come up with anything more than a paragraph or two to say every day. You're not a designer, you're not a writer, and you're not an editor! In the grand scheme of things, you're no different that a kiddy with a teenybopper domain. They've got their lists of links, their mailing lists, and their witty comments too!"
and furthermore -
"Webloggers are lazy, they're ugly, they're terrible terrible people and I hate them so so much! Ooo I hate them!


And my hands start shaking, and I'm sweating, and I can feel my heart beating in my chest. Good god, these people are destroying my dream! Everything I've been working towards for the last five years, it's all being flushed down the toilet by these lazy bastards!"

15-year-old-teenybopper weblog supporter Mark responds -
"Eh! I don't like that. Anyway, Ben writes journal entries, which I find very interes- no, just long. I find them very long. oh, and boring."
Boring? Apparently Mark missed the part in the 6985-word journal entry where Ben follows Meg into the bathroom. It futher shows that while weblogs are just filled with pointless links surrounded by even more pointless comments, personal journals let you share the really important things in life -
"Oh god, why am I in here while Meg is peeing? This is so horribly traumetizing. Oh god, oh god this is terrible. ... ... Hey, wait. This isn't at all as bad as I ever thought it would be. Why am I so fucking neurotic? I mean, this is just fine. I'm fine with this. She can pee, I can pee, we're adults, it's fine. Oh! But now I'm traumetized by not being traumetized and oh!"

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Wednesday, March 22, 2000

too many damned blogs

Nik -

"Ugh. A year ago, I was regularly reading three blogs. Now I have 27 blogs to read, and it took 1½ hours to read them. I've got no time left to blog for myself."
27? In a row?

i know clerks references are not funny, timely, trendy, or even relevant here. but who cares, it's wednesday - that means blogirc! at irc.skunkworks.cx port 6667 channel blogirc
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Midwesterners can get down and funky too

Lake Effected Dannny -

"Chicago rises to the SXSW challenge. Announcing CHIxLM, a weblogger get-together for regular folks in and around Chicago. April 2nd, 7pm, Leona's at Belmont & Sheffield. This is just a casual get-together for webloggers and weblog readers, especially locals."
Actually, it's just an excuse to get Chicago weblogs listed in the portal
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Blame Canada... Blame Canada...

Do you know that between watching hockey games some Canadians maintain weblogs?

passerby -

"It was a lovely evening last nite. 5 of us sitting in a smoky, crowded cafe talking shop. Well other people's shop because we were all of the opinion that Montreal really has no "web scene". Whatever that really means. Heather gave us sweet-n-low, Mikel was witty, Ed looked pretty much how I envisioned him and Aaron went to NSCAD (what a small world). We should do it again sometime."
And they say Canadians don't know how to have fun.
"Speaking of gatherings. What about the readers? I mean the readers who do not have weblogs of their own. People who do not want to join "the community", just enjoy reading our various ramblings. Should we meet them? Should they have gatherings? Should they collectively be sent to re-education camps?"
Readers who do not have weblogs of their own? Such people exist solely in the hypothetical. Everybody knows only webloggers read other weblogs.
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for the surly and...

Pith And Vinegar - formerly the weblog for and by the surly and unemployed, has had a direction change -

"Hoorah! I am now making delightful union wages doing delightfully mindless office work. This weblog is now officially by the 'surly and surprisingly employed'."
That didn't sound very surly to me. I'm worried about the future. Will mindless employment and the almighty dollar turn "Pith and Vinegar" into "Pith and Vinegar and Oil" and then eventually just "Vinegar and Oil - a weblog by salad dressing and the happily employed?"
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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

mr. owl, how many years does it take to the center of a kottke?

Ah one, two... two years of kottke.org. In celebration we get a link to his most recent epinion and this -

"Movies recently viewed: Contact (again), Eyes Wide Shut (again), and Mission to Mars (never again).

This is what passes for an update these days? Repurposed content and a list of movies I watched this weekend? Jebus."

Well, and this webacm pic and a caption contest for it. Of course, Jason already won it.
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Monday, March 20, 2000

send her email, dammit

Apparently people aren't taking the emailware license of weblog wannabe seriously, because I think Firda really, really wants more email -

"Now that I've got it out of the way, I have a brilliant idea. I'm not going to start yet another 'blogblog but if you send me the URL of your weblog, I will write a poem based on your weblog. Yup, that's right. A poem written especially for you (or rather, your weblog)! But I must warn you, I'm not really the greatest poet in the world. The poem might turn out really crappy, but one thing for sure, it would be written with love."
So send firda email, dammit! She'll even write a poem about your little weblog. If you don't she might start another 'bloglog. That would be bad. More competition on the meta-blog level would not only further trivialize my already trivial position in the weblog world, but it would further legitimize Joe's. Please, somebody, make him stop with that infinite blog the bloggity blog blog joke... please... brain turning in on itself... must stop...
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kicking it back to the old skool

badjuju -

"You know, the more I think about this blog thing, the funnier it gets. It reminds me of the heady days when the web was young, and everyone's "My First Web Page" was little more than a list of the author's favorite links. It amuses me how things come full circle."
Not exactly. Some things have changed quite a bit. If you were living in the mid 90's, or god forbid the 80's, and could magically surf into the future and look at today's blogs, you wouldn't know what was going on. Really, you wouldn't. Yesterday I tried surfing with Netscape 3. Only two blogs I visited rendered properly and were readable. (Probably because somebody's design skills haven't improved since the introduction of Netscape 3) At least The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything looked just as good as it did in 1994.
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i wouldn't know

The RatBastard -

"Whew! Thank God that's over with. The launch of the almost.org went very, very well. I'm grateful for all the positive feedback and constructive criticism we've received.

I think Cam paid us the nicest compliment: "Finally, someone has put something on the web worth reading!"

I'm not one to disagree with the original A1 Bad Ass Mofo of weblogging, I just personally wouldn't know if it's worth reading because those user hostile "we don't need no steenking standard scrollbars" automatic-scroll buttons on the side that are made to look like a standard scroll bar but doesn't work at all like a standard scroll bar should make me want to sever my internet connection and never read anything online ever again. Or ever turn on my computer again. For the love of god, why can't web sites just be readable!

Note to self - lay off coffee and Jakob Nielson book
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naughty naughty

blogeur was showing up in my referrer logs (err, not that I read referrer logs or anything...) a few days ago, but I assumed it was not "finished" because there was no link to it on thewebtoday and it wasn't listed as a "public" blog in blogger. Which of course means I got scooped by other people.

So that's where hesitating gets you in the harsh, meta-blogging world. blogeur likes to watch, eh? I like watching blogeur. Honestly, I find snooping through the archives (unlinked from anywhere on the site) more fun than reading the current version.
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What happened to the duck?

"For the record, and since it's been the number one source of feedback, there will be a duck up here at some point." At some point?! That's not going to cut it. Where's the ducky? I miss the ducky. Everybody loves the ducky. Rubber ducky, you're the one...
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More Userland innovations

weblogs.com - the site that believes the world lives in the Pacific time zone - is now offering a free weblog for anyone at [yourstupidassnamehere].weblogs.com. All you have to do is fill out the simple form, conveniently located at the top of the page above all the real content - and POOF - Davey does the rest.

And if you already run a weblog (and since only other webloggers read weblogs, if you're at weblogs.com you probably do) and don't want one, it will still offer it to you. Every time you go back to check the page. For the rest of your life.
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it's the end of the world as we know it...

and I feel like puking. Noah -

"Sooner or later there's bound to be a weblog *about* weblogs about weblogs—and that's the day the web will finally implode. (And when we start putting it back together, the first thing someone will want to do is make T-shirts memorialising the implosion.)"
Apparently he doesn't know how Crazy my Uncle Joe is.

No, no, leave it to Neale to taunt the gods and risk the destruction of the universe by raising the meta level to the... i don't even know what degree -

"Today I blog the blog that blogged the blog that blogged the blog that blogged the blogs that blog the blogs."
I thought I felt the earth shake a little as I was reading that, but it turned out it was just the washing machine. Hoepfully, this post will really rupture the space-time continuum.
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Sunday, March 19, 2000

i'm too slow to be quickwitted

I couldn't think of anything to clever to say tonight about the benbrownification of certain webloggers. But Wren did -

"during SXSW, i noticed all these conspiratory "3000 word" references popping up, and now i understand. i gather it had its beginnings with ben brown and the weblogging panel. ah.

i feel pretty comfortable being out of the greater weblog loop, and seeing as how i've been writing my own 3000+'s for over a year now i guess i can't jump on this bandwagon too. it's fun to watch the trend spread from blog to blog though.

so in an attempt to be as cool as zannah, i offer you my own paltry contest, cleverly dubbed

the 3000k

who will be next? who is the next ben brown wannabe? send me your prediction (predicting yourself doesn't count) as to which blogger will next succumb to writing a special 3000 word "journal" or "entry" about his or her day, and you'll get a gratuitous linky-mention in this here blog. no toys though; i'm just a poor college student. isn't this fun?"

my own prediction: Vanessa"

Enter now kids for a "gratuitous linky-mention" - sounds linkslutterific!
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hi, my name is adam and I'm a sexist pig

Sorry, I let the "shitty misogynist white male" bias slip through again. Rabi of wockerjabby is female.

Of course, being in the weblog world, I was corrected through her blog instead of an email.
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bloglogs are unstoppable

If one stops, another starts again that thinks wetlog really is run by Kurt Anderson.

Speaking of dirty linskluts like Neale, another of my favorite skanks looks like he's back.
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Not unpopular enough

Mark -

"I want to make a list of all my favorite blogs...but I can't figure out where to put it so that it won't make it messy looking. But this is a blog, so how about I link to my favorite weblogs everyday? Now, these are my TIPPY TOP favorite weblogs. I just know that it's going to hurt SOMEONE's feelings."
After some boring comments about his favorite blogs he then throws in -
"There are a many many many GREAT blogs that aren't that popular like Weblog Wannabe, Digital Swirlee and Eleven Seconds. "

First person's feelings hurt - wockerjabby -

mark thinks that weblog wannabe and digital swirlee and eleven seconds are not that popular. not that popular? maybe not compared to the webcelebs, but they're hardly unknowns in the blogging world. you want to meet some of the weblog commoners? the ones who toil away in obscurity without so much as a sideways glance from the bourgeoisie?
He then goes on to name some really obscure blogs. I'd link them here but I have a "no unpopular" linking policy. Some of their unpopularity might rub off on me through the hypertext and then I'd be even more unpopular, and then I'll just never be popular and cool.
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Saturday, March 18, 2000

Does this sound familiar?

Despite being smacked around by badjuju a little, event-horizons still makes this interesting analogy -

"Analogy: my life is like this blog.
1) It sucks.
2) It keeps going on, awkwardly, with no direction or purpose.
3) It's quite lonely.
4) It's got no style and is badly designed.
5) And like life, I really don't care about 1-4."
Wait, isn't that true for every weblogger?
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I don't understand.
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love is in the air

openlog - kottke.org's queer sister is so cute. I'm going to try and fix her up with blueblog in an attempt make a weblog version of Chasing Amy.
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via netdyslexia -

"This joke getting boring. As far as I know the first one was Kottke, then Webloglog picked it up and now blogfrog.

Have you ever noticed that cool sites say things first and all the loser sites pick it up? Loser sites use the word 'via' quite often. There is a third way: say your mission is to pick up stories by other webloggers. Say your job is to be a loser. This will make you cool. Really!"

I would like to publically apologize to Jason for taking his "joke" and not crediting him. Before he made his brilliant insight and expressed it on his site, I never noticed the similarities across Manila, Userland, and Editthispage sites. I can't help it. I want to be cool like jason, but we can't all be jason kottke.

In my attempt to be cool, I tried talking about sexyness but people just looked at me funny. Maybe that only works in Europe, not the U.S. So I'll just have to say, "Hi. My job is to be a loser."
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go q, go q...

q daily news sets up proper permanent archive linking, and Jason explains how to do it for other Manila users.

I'd say more but blogger might get jealous and leave me again.
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"Well, last night I went over to Jeff's and bought some books. Afterwards, I stopped by to see Bill, Jay, and Mark... they're such kooks!

Don't you think it's just so cutting edge when blogs refer to other blogs by the first name of their owners? Gag!"

Because most weblogs are quite impersonal and faceless, just like large corporations, a certain detachment seems more rational than any of this "first name basis" linking. Excellent point Steven.
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we're back together

blogger and I have made up. The cynic in me says this bliss is short-lived, that she'll just go and run away with some smarmy bastard and break my heart again. But I think things may have really changed, and our relationship is stronger now.
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blogger has left me

my only true love has left me again. oh blogger, i'm sorry about those things i said about you thursday, i love you blogger, i never meant to hurt you. i was wrong to complain about you not remembering me. it was a difficult time for you. you had other problems - you were running out of memory, and disk space. i was only thinking of myself, when i should have been thinking about you, and your needs. we all need more space sometimes, i understand that now. but i still miss you so much blogger, please come back.
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Thursday, March 16, 2000

Protest Part Two

In the second public extended blog-fasting protest, I will refuse to update webloglog until Blogger remembers me. (Fixes their cookie problem, for the two or three of you that don't know what I'm talking about.)

Where's the love, blogger baby? I remember you! Are all the beautiful, tender, sensual moments we shared worthless? How can you tell me you don't remember any of it? That hurts. That hurts a lot.

I still make sweet love to blogger every night

Of course, nobody will care that I'm on protest because 'bloglogs are sprouting like weeds these days. Hell, blog frog even has a t-shirt already.
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Wednesday, March 15, 2000


neale reviews the 'bloglogs -

"At the head of the pack is webloglog. Why? Because of the small size of Adam's head. It's tiny."

Thanks? I think.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Sally was right...

Like the ShinyThings contest isn't just an attempt by the corporation to gather email addresses and products the readers are interested in to better sell "blogged" advertising... are we really supposed to believe anyone can be this nice?
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she's so cute - and reads Kant

Stuff & Rot -

"I am not on this list.

I'm not surprised, seeing as how I didn't submit my site. I saw the little "Submit your new Weblog" message the other day, and I even clicked on Sally Tenpenny's address, but i didn't send a message. I don't know why; I guess it just felt a bit hypocritical, since lists like this, even funny ones like BLOAT, still leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But now the new list is out, and of course I'm not on there, and those people who didn't have a moral crisis and were able to hit their "Send" buttons are now getting a zillion hits (no, I'm not even going to pretend i do this for myself.), and i am, well, not. i don't even have a nice glow of smug self-righteousness, i just feel....left out, again."

You know you have "issues" when you feel left out because some anonymous cynic doesn't doesn't mock you in a public forum.

Adding insult to injury - I stuck with my strict "no whoring for attention" policy and did not submit webloglog. I am morally superior to all! The bad taste in my mouth is from bad chicken wings!
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Please note that the last posts were not updates. The protest is still on.

Also please note that webloglog is properly pronounced as three distinct words - those words being "we", "blo", and "glog."
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he's so swirlee

eleven seconds - "I had a dream last night that Digital Swirlee looked normal on my browser. I'm so fucked up"

Digital Swirlee - "I guess you know you've made it when people start to dream about your blog. Vanessa also comments on our generation's collective heritage, '80s Saturday-morning cartoons."

If "making it" means being in the subconscious of people who make posts like "Yay! Tom linked me. I had no idea that he even read me. I still have this weird notion that all of my favorite bloggers don't know i exist. Thanks!"

and respond to this like this -

"Oh, and mark's link last night doubled my stats for me yesterday *hehe* thanks mark! [hugs]"

then yeah - Jordan has definitely arrived. You heard it here first - designing sites that look like shit in Netscape is an instant way to fame in the weblog community.

Note to self - deny collective heritage with these people, burn Rainbow Brite and Transformers shirts tomorrow.
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The old boys club

dead @ 32 - "The awards ceremony, don't get me wrong, wasn't all bad. Some of the people I met were nice and not all a bunch of stuck-up, little know-it-all young white boys. Although most of them were. If you want to see what's wrong with the Weblog community today, just notice those two things -- race and gender. White boys. More white girls now, but it's still mostly a young white boys club. And it is very much a club. If you're not in, then you're nobody."

Hey, I'm a shitty white guy. Where's my membership card dammit! Nobody ever invited me anywhere! Is this one of those anti-semitism things? I bet it is. Bastards.
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so that's what "blogadelic" means

Ouch! - "There's a theory (ok, it's my theory) that the frequency of a male blogger's updates is directly related to .... well, let's just say it proves he has stamina. Ev is a perfect example of this. He's like the Energizer Blogger. He keeps going and going... [11:50]"

It's funny, I have this theory that it's inversely related but that's only based on my personal... err. Never mind.
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Monday, March 13, 2000

trenchant dot org


This is not an update either. And the last one wasn't even a weblog, so it doesn't count.
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false advertising

By clicking on random blogger-powered links I've just learned pedro the lion tour journal is not a journal about a lion named pedro in a circus, as one might think. It is actually the tour journal of a band called "pedro the lion."
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this is not a post

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Free Tibet!

Err... never mind. wrong protest

In the first ever extended "blog-fasting" protest - I will not update webloglog until blogger implements proper "direct-to-permanent-archived-version" linking. I want the link to point to the archived version right there and easily accessible so that years later when we all look at webloglog we can still click on the links and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Or cry, depending on who you are.

Jason has it. Hell, guys with homemade rebol hacks have it. Manila/editthispage sites can probably do this properly too - but who cares.

And from then on I will only link to weblogs that have some form of permanent archive I can link to. I just can't deal with the fleeting nature of all of this! I'm trying to do something really really important here that stands the test of time! Work with me dammit! Join the protest!

ok... maybe that's not exactly why i'm not updating...
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Sunday, March 12, 2000

the reviews are in...
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'bloglog's new slogan

netdyslexia -

"These meta-meta-blogs are linking to us. Logspotting has funny quotes. On the other hand Webloglog is just too ignorant to get it: "I'd mock editthispage sites too - but since they all look so damned similar I forget who said what, all the sites blur together, and all I'm left with is a distaste for anything with manila flavoring." Hint: read the second answer of our "FAQ"!"
sidenote - apparently all editthispage sites have winerosis - which causes people to end all of their posts with a needless exclamation point. but i digress

from their faq

are you lazy?

it is the opposite. we are pretty busy people. our time is really valuable. amazingly we have lives and we have jobs, friends and hobbies. we can not spend most of our spare time in the internet improving our site.

I'm sorry. I just can't respect any site that hasn't spent hours upon hours on its design. What kind of idiot just barely modifies a cruddy default template and thinks his work is done?

I think I've just found webloglog's new slogan -

Webloglog - just too ignorant to get it.
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Saturday, March 11, 2000

license to link

Ed's Weblog - "To: passerby, Tarsh: You are not ripping off links. IMHO, links can't be stolen. It's the editorial that counts, not the link itself."

Because your pithy little comment about the site is just as important as the other weblogger's act of finding the site, and infintely more important than the site itself. Errr, wait -

"Even if you don't add any other comments, just posting the link on your site is you're way of telling people that you think it's worth checking out. That way, people that value your opinion will check it out. For example, just because Cam posts something, doesn't mean that I'm going to check it out. However, if I see the same link on your site or over on Harrumph, then yeah, I'm there."

Oh, I see. Rip links off all you want! Even editorial comments aren't important - all that really matters is your reputation. And cam's apparently doesn't cut it anymore.
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My anonymous counterpart at blogspotting is on an editthispage romp tonight. I'd mock editthispage sites too - but since they all look so damned similar I forget who said what, all the sites blur together, and all I'm left with is a distaste for anything with manila flavoring.
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blog from the heart

weblog wannabe -

"I'm considering quitting the whole blogging thing. It's stopped being rewarding. I only got 30 something visitors yesterday. It just doesn't worth all the troubles of finding the links. I haven't got one single visitor at all today. Sad, sad, sad..."
prolific -
"I think the point is to log for yourself. Not for an audience. The reward lies in the expression of the self, not in the ego stroking. The race, as always, is the prize. Maybe that's not entirely true, but... log what you want to remember, or what moves you in life. Build, fill, enthuse, reveal... and people will come, and people will stay. It takes time."
So there you have it folks - log for yourself. Because then you'll get more hits.
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redesign? where

Has anyone heard that blogger redesigned? Oh, I guess a few weblogs may have already mentioned it.

I can definitely see the need for the new "must link back to Blogger" requirement in their terms of service - people just aren't linking to blogger enough.
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so sxswy

Naively, one might think that since so many webloggers will be at sxsw there will be a dearth of posts in the coming week. Well, I'm here to tell you: fat fucking chance. I guarantee more blog-butt-loving reciprocal posts than ever before, at least half of which accompanied by cheesy pictures from digital cameras. The gathering of so many webloggers in Austin, if we're lucky, may actually cause the apocalyptic implosion that is imminent in the weblog community. And if it does happen, guaranteed it will be caught on film and posted by brad, then doctored by neale.
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Friday, March 10, 2000


ev desperately trying to find a way to link to beebo without saying "Look at me! I'm #1!!!!" -

"Geez, did Beebo break or something [screenshot, since it'll probably change soon]?"
Note the blatant disrespect for cam in the screenshot.

Two hours later - ev desperately trying to find a way to link to bloat without saying "Look at me! I'm #1!!!!" -

"BLOAT!: 'Anyone who thinks the future isn't now is living in a blog-free cave.' Damn right."
Note to self - move to a blog-free cave.
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Thursday, March 9, 2000

more on the imminent apocalypse

Comments From Outside the Weblog Universe - "At some point people will grow weary of themselves, or be sick of discussing their "genre," or even lose the desire to pursue the respect and acceptance of the weblogging superstars. The Weblog Universe will implode and then who knows what will happen."

I didn't understand a word of that first part, but the "Weblog Universe" imploding sounds like it might be a lot of fun. [cribbed from the #1 skank]
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no re-runs, get me a guest host

jason - "One more thing: Greg Knauss will be taking over posting to kottke.org until I return. Greg has written for all sorts of places, including Suck, teevee.org, and Worth Magazine. I hope you'll find him as entertaining and enlightening as I do." I'm sure everyone will pay as much attention to him as your average third grade class does to a substitute teacher.
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skanky ass sluts

Neale: "Hey, if you're gonna be in a clique, you might as well be in a cool one. And for God's sake, even the most dull-witted person must realise standing up and announcing you're a weblogger isn't cool. It just isn't."

But standing up and announcing you're a dirty, dirty, whore is. Right.

blatant hypocrisy is the best kind of hypocrisy - note webloglog's single digit id #
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like real life is any better

Casey -

"I give up. I forsake this vapid world of text and blurry images. This world that drills my eyeballs out with bad typography and inane commentary. This world of voyeurism and fantasy. This world of carpal tunnel syndrome and radiation. This world of kooks and pr0n. I attempt to find meaning in actual human society, if it exists..."

Rip on "text" and "blurry images" and "inane commentary" and what not all you want, but there is nothing wrong with pr0n.

I just think the sheer magnitude of the incestuous linksluttery visualized in Casey's weblog monitor would make anyone want to tune out.
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it's the little things

jack - "last night i went to target and bought shampoo, listerine, q-tips, and stuff like that. for whatever reason, it was really exciting. heh. don't ask me to explain." Don't worry. I won't.
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Wednesday, March 8, 2000

the coming of apocalypse

Remember the Internet, circa 1996, when every crappy homepage was part of some stupid webring? You remember webrings, the genius idea that sites that have no traffic and are desperate for more can join together with other sites with no traffic in a futile attempt to get more. If the phrase "ponzi scheme" doesn't mean anything to you, then join the webloggers webring today and feel the flow!

- The webring is NOT meant to be a clique - ALL submitted personal weblogs (that have properly added the HTML code below) will be added." Regardless of content, quality, or unreadable font size.
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Crazy Uncle Joe wins. Metacubed is further removed from content than I ever will be. In fact, it's further removed from content than I ever thought humanly possible. It makes me a little queasy just thinking about it.
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increasingly beyond irrelevant

peter - not content sharing criticisms of coffee houses (complete with diagrams!) - says "I'd love to get more coffeehouse patterns from folks." Wait, that's not the funny the part. The punchline - he actually gets more coffeehouse patterns and posts them. Maybe it's a "user advocate" thing.
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Is Weblog Nation yet another webloglog? Or is it a webweblog? A weblog-weblog? Or just a regular weblog entirely composed of stolen posts that someone can get away with because his initials are jjg?
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obligatory reciprocal linky-love

firda - "Adam started Webloglog which is like a parody to what's happening to most weblogs these days." Congratulations Firda! You've just won the previously unannounced "blog webloglog first" contest! Your prize will be general feelings of animosity towards other webloggers who link here and don't credit you for the link, or a mild increase in traffic if they do. It's all up to you, the weblog community, to decide!

Fairvue was a close second - "Adam has made Webloglog, the "first weblog about weblogs." (Huh, I thought LogSpotting was the first. But I digress.) I can't tell if it's supposed to be a parody or a continuous log..." Honestly, I can't tell either. Errr, second weblog about weblogs. I can't be bothered with details - dammit, I'm a weblogger, not some journalist.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2000

that's a whole lot of blogs

brig - "oh god. the portal is now well over 100k. maybe i need to start breaking it down by letter.... i find my amusement in odd places. i've been *finally* adding to the portal, and entry #666 was for this blog. i'm not making it up. really."

really. she's not. you can even click that link and you can find out for yourself. seriously.
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sexlog hasn't updated since february 29th - but it keeps showing up on weblogs updated list. i'm worried. errr... not that i read sexlog or anything...
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breaking redesign news

firda - the self-proclaimed wannabe - brought back the rubber ducky.

jordan redesigned. note the sidebar. note how the sidebar is a manly color of blue to discourage certain people from calling jordan a girl. I almost forgot to give props to Digital Swirlee since it provided the inspriation for the webloglog. hi jordan! did you cop that pikachizer link from me? not that i care... now when all the other weblogs annoy people with it they'll blame you and not me...
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gliff.org - "To anyone who's even remotely aware of the personal web page/web log community/culture, today's entry is going to be like telling Jamie Zawinski about this great program you wrote called hello world." But I'm going to go ahead and kiss Derek's ass anyway, because clearly here is a man who needs more positive feedback and ego stroking.
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Q Daily News - focusing brain power on the great mysteries of the universe -

"Anyone know why the latest Bloat doesn't have a number 9 entry? I'm confused; I originally thought that it was because there's a tie for first, but typically that means that there wouldn't be a number 3. My brain hurts."

Mine too, mine too.
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Get to know your favorite blogger

kottke - march 4, 2000

"Following the lead of a co-worker of mine, I went through the Guess the Dictator and/or Sitcom Character game as myself. The computer thought I was Jack Tripper from Three's Company. I should have seen that coming."

Follow the bouncing meme -

coca-coma -
"Everybody's been linking to Guess the Evil Dictator/Sit-Com Character (including me, as of now) (Candice = Becky from Roseanne), but I think that Twenty Questions is much more entertaining. Speaking of questions, here's one: what is the use of everyone linking to the exact same sites on their weblogs? Okay so: rule #3 for Coca-Coma: no more copying links. I'm going to have to start a list of these..."
Well Candice, that loser who runs blueblog used to have a rule like that. And look at him now.
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Do your part to help mock Dave!

winerlog -

"Contest! skull: Cow skull!  <I>Excellent!</I> Contest! skull: Cow skull!  <I>Excellent!</I> Wooooo! Here it is, the big skull: Cow skull!  <I>Excellent!</I> WinerLog skull: Cow skull!  <I>Excellent!</I> contest! Excellent!

What should the name of the UserLand cow-skull (skull: Cow skull!  <I>Excellent!</I>) be?

Just because it's dead doesn't mean it shouldn't have a name!

Send your suggestions to us and we'll announce the winner on Friday! Friday is the last day of the work week!"

Remember kids, mocking Dave is good, safe, fun for the whole family!
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evhead - "Riothero: 'Grr, Look at Evan! Have you noticed that all he does nowadays is copy and paste quotes from other blogs?' Actually, I don't *just* copy and paste quotes. I usually add a trailing comment. It's all about the trailing comment." Like some witty trailing comment makes mindlessly cutting and pasting from other blogs all ok - never mind.
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pb -
new word: blogover - a weblog redesign. (done by someone other than the author or with outside consultation.)
Bonus points to the first person who emails me and says "honey, you need a blogover!"
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meg is in a "blog depression." mark notes that even in said state she outranks him and
"I have SO MUCH to blog, but so little space. I'm afraid that the more I blog, the more pathetic I'd seem. Which is sad really. Weblogging is much like high school dating. If you appear desperate, leaping at every chance you get, no one's going to ask you out. But if you play it non-chalant, and make an attempt only when it's absolutely necessay, you're the new hunk."
I acted non-chalant and disinterested in high school, and nobody ever asked me out - and a similar attitude hasn't gotten anyone to read my weblog. Oh wait, I am desperate. Never mind.
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Welcome to webloglog - the first weblog about weblogs. Sure, some weblogs sometimes seem like they only talk about other weblogs and other little webloggers' lives, but it's something of a guilty pleasure. Most of those webloggers know they should probably be out surfing the web for real, and making real posts about that instead.

Not webloglog! That's all we do! We're all about pointless self-indulgence. Covering all of the inter-blog reciprocal linky love, personal crises in webloggers' lives, shameless publicity stunts, and most importantly, the inter-blog squabbles, because webloggers are just so cute when they get angry!
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not at all copyright adam mathes

blueblog - it's so tasty!

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I make sweet love to blogger every night